Who are we?

MadeInKorea is a Korean cosmetic retail based shop in Singapore. Products are order from retailers in Korea, hence all our products are 100% authentic. 

What is the motto of MadeInKorea?

To make Korean cosmetic the cheapest you can find in Singapore. 

Are we certified?

No. As there is a certain fee to pay to being certified and MadeInKorea is just starting its way up, slowing making its way on the track, hence we will make MadeInKorea certifed when it is on the right track and ready. However, we can assure that we are 100% scamless free. We will not close down and are not out to scam people.


Our products consist of instock and pre-orders. All our products will be mailed out the next day after you made the payment.

  1. Instock: Our instock items are mostly mask (face, hand and foot)
  2. Pre-orders: The rest of the products requires pre-orders. Pre-orders will take around 1 week.

How to order?

Take a look at the “How to Order” tab at the top of our homepage.

Do I do international shipping?

Yes I do. We do international shipping. I have Paypal account. For more enquirers, email us at 


Do take note you will need to make payment first for pre-orders

Current Pre-Orders:

  • The Face Shop : Do email me if you want other Face Shop product which is not shown.
  • Nature Republic : Do email if you want other Nature Republic products which is not shown.
  • Missha: Do email me if you want other nature republic products which is not shown
  • Innisfree: Do email me if you want other nature republic products which is not shown (NEW)

Upcoming Pre-Orders: (do come back to our blog for updates!)

  • Etude House
  • Tony Monly
  • Skin Food
  • Idol Products

How to make payment?

  • All products does not requires shipping fees.
  • Payment is available through POSB and UOB bank transfer. Also available through iBanking.
  • Refer to “Payment” tab at the top of our homepage for details.


  • Refer to Delivery Service Tab at the top of the page
  • For international shoppers, place your orders and I will get back to you asap.

Do I get refund?

You will get 100% refund of money if the you have made payments for pre-orders but the products is out-of-stock.


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