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S003 – *NEW* SunWoo Cosme Escargot Hand Mask (In-Stock)

Product code: S002 – Escargot Hand Mask

Description: SunWoo Cosme Escargot Hand Mask is the latest trend in Korean. This product is selling fast at countries like Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. Currently in Singapore, this product is still not available yet! Do read the review at our product review page.

*SunWoo Cosme [鲜宇药妆] escargot product series official launch in Korea on 2010, October. It is from BEAUTIPLEX and BEAUTIPLEX is a subsidary company under Beauty Talent, which is the same manfacturing company as Etude House.


One piece is $10

One box (5 piece) is $50

NOW: (halfprice)

One piece is $5

One box (5 piece) is $25

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